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About us.

Appalachian Life Enrichment Counseling Center LLC is a boutique counseling center in the heart of West Virginia. Focused on creating hope, peace, & resiliency the Mountain State, we have a passion for healing and a heart for helping people discover a new sense of freedom in life. We understand burdens, struggles, & heartaches. Our desire is to walk with you, help you shift, adjust, adapt and thrive. 

"This center is a place where you can come in, grab a cup of coffee, sit down, work it out and then go live your life"

- Dr. Jude Black

Our highly trained, licensed therapists & certified life coaches are ready to help!

Find out which provider is the best fit for you and your family.

Meet The Team


Our busy lives leave us little time to process emotions, leaving disappointments, fears, resentment and pain no outlet until they reach overwhelming levels. I focus on.....


Lead Clinical Therapist

My goal is to help you find your footing in areas of life that are sometimes uneven, crumbling and scary. I will walk with you until you feel strong enough.....


Clinical Coordinator & Therapist

I am committed to offering a safe, neutral, non-judgemental space to help you identify, manage and overcome your sadness habits, anxieties, frustrations...

Clinical Therapist

Everyone deserves a chance to sit in a space of love, allowing for the best version of one’s self regardless of life experience. In our own way, we all go through times...

Clinical Therapist

I believe the world offers too many great opportunities to let ourselves get stuck.  Sometimes it's hard to see beyond what is right....

Jon Lewis, LGSW

Clinical Therapist

At times when life seems to become continually more uncertain and difficult, things can get better. I have committed myself…


Clinical Therapist

I believe each person is endowed with dignity and on a journey to discover who they are and their purpose, but sometimes life...

Expert Level Life Coach

I serve as a comfort zone expander because I have the unshakable belief that you are fearfully and wonderfully made ...

Clinical Therapist

Frequently, people only seek support once they are completely overwhelmed.  If this describes you, that’s okay! Together, we will..

Seneca Field, LGSW

Clinical Therapist

I am honored to take a step into your world, sit with you in your pain, or support your healing process. Every human being is worthy of ....

Brianna Farnsworth, BS

Community Support Specialist

Coming soon

Keira Hill

Executive Assistant

Coming soon....

Alexis Jenkins

Undergraduate Intern

I love opportunities to learn and help people. I am focused on learning as much as I can so that when I am licensed....

Clinical Therapy Dog

I love my veggies and fruits! Please feed me mangos, apples, snap peas and green beans and I promise to be the best "Fur-ball" you know.

Mia the Dachsund

Clinical Therapy Dog

I can't lie, Im super afraid of my noises and can't see. I have learned that I have to trust my humans and put one paw ....

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