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restoring balance in an unbalanced world. 

Laura Viars

       Curious listener, calibrator of dialectical thinking, fine tuner of executive function, lover of all

Areas of expertise. 

For several years, I have worked specifically with neurodivergent individuals, mostly with Autism and ADHD, and worked extensively with executive functioning, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. I have also worked with LGBTQ+ individuals, clients with trauma, adolescents with trauma, and those going through grief and life changes.


Person-centered approach with integrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior therapy.


I am a passionate therapist who is laid-back and intentional, intelligent and kind, and a giver of knowledge while invoking non-judgment. I do not pretend to be the expert on the lives of those I work with, as they do not need me for that. I am here to help guide, collaborate, share knowledge, develop skills, and work to help people find peace and confidence in life. 

This is my message to you- don't worry, about a thing 'Cause every little thing, is gonna be alright"

-Bob Marley and The Wailers

Laura Viars MA, LPC, ALPS  Clinical Therapist

Appalachian Life Enrichment Counseling Center


I am the mommy of a 4th grader, Noah, and a wife of almost 12 years to my husband, Ray. We have two Pit Bulls, Athena and Hercules, and we love to do everything together. On warm days you can find us at the park on the river and on cold days we can be found lying around playing video games. I love to go camping, fishing, and being with nature. It took a long time for me to find peace with nature and now I find it to be the most relaxing, grounding place to be. I love the beach, good books, funny podcasts, true crime podcasts, and being with friends and family. I am an Aquarius, so I am a humanitarian to the core and an enneagram #2, the Helper. I highly identify as a Hufflepuff and find importance in the patience, loyalty, and sense of justice that are engrained within. I am a work in progress and strive to find more love, joy, and peace daily.

Boy Mom, Wife, Doggy Mom, Coffee Enthusiast, True Crime Aficionado, Nature Lover

Professional Background.

Laura is a licensed professional counselor in the state of West Virginia and worked as therapist for over 7 years. She holds a distinction as an Approved Licensed Professional Supervisor in the state of West Virginia, which allows her to help guide new counselors during the licensure process, an area where she is extremely passionate. She is proud of being an adjunct professor at Marshall University and experiences gratitude and joy when getting to be involved with educating the next generation of counselors. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, both from Marshall University.


Laura’s professional experience began as a therapist intern at River Park Hospital, working with adolescents with abuse and trauma. After graduation, she continued the same type of work as she moved into a career in community mental health working in homes, schools, and providing intensive outpatient supports to adolescents. Laura moved into a mental health counselor position at Marshall University, under the WV Autism Training Center. She spent 5.5 years counseling, consulting, and coordinating the counseling experience of the students and mental health counseling interns that trained under her supervision.


Laura is excited and honored to be able to begin this journey at Appalachian Life and she looks forward a bright future ahead!

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

    • West Virginia​

Certificatons & Professional Organizatons
  • Approved  Licensed Professional Supervisor

    • West Virginia​

  • West Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors Association​

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