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We love our team and think you will too!
Read what others and the community have had to say about us. 

So incredibly grateful for Appalachian Life!

Dr Jude has really helped me get through the toughest months of my life.

Tia has always been so helpful in guiding me through my anxiety. I highly recommend her to anyone.

I love Heather. I have never clicked so well with a therapist. She makes me feel totally comfortable and safe.

Dr. Black has gotten me through one of the worst times in my life. She is extremely talented and an amazing doctor/friend!

Tia has been freaking amazing! She’s been such a life-changer and an incredible support to me. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and experienced so many other emotions freely and openly. She has been an active listening ear, a gentle and timely pusher, and someone I genuinely look up to and admire. She has met me right where I am and continues to move at my pace. I am so grateful to have her support me during my mental health journey. 

When I was at my lowest Dr. Black came to where I was and took care of me.

Kiley is truly amazing! She gave me useful techniques to work thru my anxiety, to help me deal with my pregnancy losses, and to just work thru every day life! She helped me to get myself back to feeling like me again! I always look forward to talking to her!

Tia is a wonderful therapist. She is so patient and kind, and always puts my mind at ease.

Heather did an excellent job of helping me process trauma. I was able to gain confidence and learn to set boundaries.

I love the video session options!

Dr. Jude is the BEST and helps me navigate the challenges life brings me :) I have learned SO much about managing my anxiety.

Jon Lewis has been amazing human being, he has made such a positive impact while keeping it real. That's rare now a day's.. I hope that I can help someone as Jon has helped me.. Thank you Jon for being straight forward and real...

Kiley was awesome... I recommend this place to everyone! 

Kiley is so compassionate and really helped me feel more secure and not as lost.

My time with Dr. Black has been life changing for me and for my husband both individually and as a married couple.

Very helpful and concerned ....

 I feel completely comfortable talking with Kylie. She listens and has given me helpful calming tools. This has aided me in learning to breathe while I assert myself. I appreciate and am grateful for our weekly chats.... Thank you for the opportunity to succeed.

Tia was amazing with my daughter. She was able to get her to open up and help her find ways to cope with her anxiety and depression. The unique techniques she used really helped my daughter to feel comfortable talking to her.

So happy to see Lindsay at Appalachian Life. She is so professional and pushes me to be a better me. 

Kiley has helped me to understand my condition better & gives me very useful insights & suggestions. Thank you.

I will forever be grateful for the light Tia has helped me find myself again. 

Kiley has always conducted herself in a professional manner and truly loves the work she does. She has gone above and beyond to provide me with resources and information that will help me along the way. Thanks, Kiley!

Dr. Black is truly a savior and a Godsend in my life. I am not sure where I would be right now in this terrifying and difficult healing and life adjustment if she was not a part of my life as and therapist and as a friend. There are not many people like Mrs. Black in this world and I so blessed to have her on my side through all of this....

Brianna always takes the time to see how I am. Even on a bad day, she makes me feel better about life. 

Keira is one of the most pleasant individuals I have talked with all year!!

The staff was always so nice and friendly when I brought my daughter in for her sessions. They not only cared about my daughter's well being but mine also.

You guys are amazing! I sing your praises all the time. Dr. Black and her team are the best! 

Tia is amazing! She is helping me in ways I never thought possible.