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Travis Hogbin

Honesty Promoter, Narrative Lover, Strength Hunter, Existentialist, Humanist

Areas of expertise. 

LGBTQIA+ Youth, LGBTQIA+ Issues, Adolescents & Young Adults, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression.


Person-centered, strengths-based; Cognitive Behavioral (CBT); Existentialism; Narrative Therapy


I want to help you be YOU. I want to help you find your voice, your agency, and your strengths. The better we know ourselves—the more honest we are with ourselves—the better we can make change. People are nuanced, complex, and more capable than we realize; the tools you need are already there, and I want to help you use them.


We learn from everything that happens to us—the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. I want to meet you where you are and learn what works for you. What helps you focus, or makes you feel good about yourself? For that matter, what makes you feel bad about yourself? Your feelings are valid, and I will sit with you in your discomfort and help you understand them. You are the guide, and I am here to walk with you and learn from you.


My goal is to offer you a space free from judgment, but full of honesty. Thank you for letting me play a role in your growth.

The meaning an experience holds for a person is everything. We all experience things differently, and those experiences are valid and meaningful.

Travis Hogbin, Licensed Graduate Social Worker

Appalachian Life Enrichment Counseling Center


Spouse, Pet-Dad, Avid Reader, Home Chef, Writer, Amateur Philosopher

My experiences as a gay man in Appalachia have shaped my approach to all things, especially my work. I believe the best use of my personal experiences is to help others better know and help themselves. My time as a social worker has been spent working with young LGBTQIA+ people, at-risk children, and children who have been sexually, physically, and mentally abused. I want to spend my career helping people understand their experiences are real and valid, and encouraging them to recognize their value as individuals.


I am what some call an extroverted introvert. I love having company and working with people, but I also deeply value my alone time and my time with my family. I think that time alone has helped me get to know myself and the things I value and crave in life. I like to fill my time just hanging out with my husband, who is also my best friend in the world, as well as our dog and three cats. They give me peace of mind and a safe space to come home to. I also love cooking and would happily spend all weekend in my kitchen making dinner for our little family or for our larger, made family. I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with the people and things that make you happiest and provide you with affirmation.

Professional Background.

Travis Hogbin is a Board Certified Licensed Graduate Social Worker in the State of West Virginia. He has been trained in the use of ChildFirst Forensic Interview protocols and has conducted forensic interviews with more than 200 children between the ages of 3 and 18. He focuses on helping individuals understand their strengths and use them to shape their mental health journey. He believes perseverance comes from the individual and that the tools we need are already there; it is just a matter of figuring out how to use them. He earned his Master of Social Work from Marshall University and spent his placements working exclusively with children of all ages and backgrounds. His undergraduate degree (English with a focus on American Literature and creative writing) was earned from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has also spent the last three years working with LGBTQIA+ youth attending the annual Appalachian Queer Youth Summit, a summer camp that also teaches these youths how to be activists and promote change within their home communities. He serves as a counselor and also acts as mental health support, facilitating conversations about positive coping mechanisms and self care.

  • Licensed Graduate Social Worker

    • West Virginia

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