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empowering your path to wellness.

“This center is place you can come in, grab that cup of coffee, sit down, work it out and then go live your life” 
-Dr. Jude Black

About us.

Appalachian Counseling Center LLC is a dynamic and compassionate mental health organization rooted in the picturesque landscapes of West Virginia. Founded with a deep commitment to healing, empowerment, and community well-being, we have emerged as a trusted beacon of hope and resilience.

Our highly trained, licensed therapists & certified life coaches are ready to help!

Find out which provider is the best fit for you and your family.

I never thought therapy would help me - always thought it was for 'someone else" but I am thankful that I was wrong.

How it started

I opened Appalachian after years of frustration with outdated therapy centers that felt clinical, cold, and restrictive. 

I envisioned a space that was modern in approach while embracing a culture of healing. I imagined curling up with a cup of coffee on a couch, chatting with an "expert" friend, exploring the past safely, to create a path forward.

People deserve a space to be heard, feel comfortable, learn, and then go live their best life. 

We can give this to you. 

Our team is committed to meeting you where you are and changing the way therapy happens.

Whether it is in our "center", talking it out on our Walk and Talks, or meeting you virtually in the comfort of your home 

- we are here for you and devoted to helping you live fully. 

We believe that you are worthy and terminally unique! So, we focus on treating the whole person using various techniques and skills to generate change, create meaning, achieve goals, and live life better. 

We know life is messy, we give you the space to work it out so you can find your joy and live your best life!

Doc Jude

West Virginia Therapists

"It was the best blessing to start the Walk and Talks. I love being able to be outside and feel like life is normal again, even if it’s only for an hour. I can’t explain it either. I think it’s the fresh air, moving, and just being with someone that cares that makes me happy. I don’t feel quite as alone. I am happier even when life is hard. I am not alone." 
Appalachian Client

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