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Legal Consults and Fees. 


  • ACC does not make custody recommendations, nor disability recommendations, nor legal or court recommendations nor determine an individual’s fitness to be a parent.

  • ACC  provides verification that you attending counseling and participating in the process. Your records are confidential unless a signed release of information or a court order allows the release of the records. I/We understand that there are additional state laws and ethical issues that govern the release of information to you or to certain parties. I/We understand that any relevant laws or issues will be explained along with the process for challenging these laws or issues.

  •  If a court appoints an evaluator, mediator, or guardian ad litem, we will provide information as needed, if appropriate releases are signed or a court order is provided. We are ethically bound not to give our opinion about either parent’s custody or visitation suitability.

  • In the event that Provider (s) are subpoenaed or requested to attend court: Clients are subject to a legal/crises fee of $485 per hour with a 4-hour minimum. The 4-hour fee must be paid in advance ($1940), and if Provider’s appearance is required for more than 4 hours client is subject to the rate of $175 every 30 minutes.

  • Fees are paid in cash no later than 72 hours prior to court date.

  • If a client needs to cancel this block, a minimum of 72 hours’ notice must be provided, or half of the fee shall be forfeited by client. If at least 72 hours of notice has been given to the Provider, there shall be no fee to client. Less than 24 hours’ notice to Provider will result in the full fee being charged.

  • If a written clinical opinion and/or assessment is requested, the usual and customary fee for the assessment shall be $285. If an additional written opinion is requested, an additional fee shall be charged at a minimum of $285, depending on complexity of opinion. Court reports are subject to the documentation fee referenced above. A 48-hour notice is required for court reports.

  • Fees are inclusive of legal consultation, attendance at hearings, and/or any case-related costs to include time spent preparing treatment summary reports, telephoning, and travel time.

  • Providers will not make a disability determination.




We value you as a client and hope to help you with your future endeavors; however, we can only accomplish this with your understanding of your obligations set forth in this policy and consistency with treatment. Thank you for your understanding. Your therapist looks forward to beginning this therapeutic journey alongside you!

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